Elsevier eLibrary - how does it benefit you and your school?

  • Advanced search capability improves efficiency when creating problem-based or scenario-based curriculum
  • Copy & paste and other functionalities allow for easier, more efficient development of classroom materials
  • Access to multiple eBooks at your fingertips allows you and your students to expand the content that you need, making additional reading and cross-referencing easier
  • Encourage your students to learn via the digital media they are familiar with, so they can learn anywhere, any time

  • Help your institution modernise and stay at the forefront of technology
  • Find the recommended texts you're looking for - faster
  • Provide information in the way more students are consuming it today
  • Built-in usage reports help you see which are the most-read texts, balancing your ROI
  • Give your students the access to learn the way the want to - which can lead to improved knowledg and test scores
  • Demonstrate to current and prospective students how progressive your institution is, as you're investing into new technology
  • Better support your faculty, making their choice of content available electronically, and the development of classroom material more efficient
  • Choice of available subscription plans, making adoption easier

  • Learn from your trusted health and medical books wherever and whenever you want
  • Consume information via your favourite device - anything from a laptop to a tablet.
  • Quicker access to the knowledge you need through an efficient search engine
  • Create personalised notes. Copy & paste and other functionalities allow you to create your own course notes electronically